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Rethink the tools.
Rethink the approach.
Actually, rethink everything.

In the insurance industry, the biggest risk of all is business as usual.

Legacy systems are being pushed to the brink by increasingly complex regulations and compressed reporting timelines, revealing that the old way of working is fundamentally flawed.

Business leaders, who need quick access to trustworthy financial information to make pivotal decisions, have their hands tied.

Into this environment comes Integrate®, an entirely new solution, developed from the ground up by Milliman’s Life Technology Solutions Team. With more than 20 years’ of experience as the leader in actuarial modeling systems, the Milliman team is uniquely qualified to usher in revolutionary change.

Integrate reinvents the way the world's life insurers model risk. The result?
Unprecedented efficiency and control, so that leaders can focus on what they do best: leading, with confidence.


Led by industry veterans Pat Renzi, Denny Stanley and Mark Mahany, the Integrate team is uniquely committed to innovation and collaboration.


It's a worry whenever words like 'systems' and 'transformation' appear in the same sentence. But [despite that] it was necessary. Predictive math is at the heart of our systems.
CEO, Phoenix Group

For many business leaders, “transformation” is a scary word. And no surprise, as the majority of business transformation projects fail*.

Our track record, however, proves that successful transformation is possible—but only if it permeates the organization’s operations and culture. The transformation must touch people, processes, and technology.

To help ensure success, Milliman provides a number of critical services, including process re-engineering, IT and service model integration, actuarial modeling and definition, and implementation of the target operating model.

This methodology is why Integrate stands alone. True transformation rather than a stopgap.

*Harvard Business Review, We Still Don’t Know the Difference Between Change and Transformation, January 2015

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Fully utilize
valuable talent.

Integrate frees up highly skilled actuaries by eliminating low-level processing tasks, and manual processes. Less time spent on data management means more time to go back to what they do best: analyze risk.

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Teams that work like one.

We view modeling systems as business-critical applications that form the backbone of an integrated production process. Managed in the cloud, Integrate allows simultaneous, real-time access to the model, permanently retiring manual trafficking of spreadsheets.

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Groundbreaking technology.

Rather than making incremental improvements to legacy systems, we started by defining a better way of working, and then invented new software and systems to support it. We've changed the way insurance companies work, and in the process, we've established a platform for continual innovation.